Tower crane rental 

In order to receive a quote, so we can assist and advise you in choosing the most suitable model for you, all you have to do is call us at 09-7499300 or fill the form and we will get back to you.
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POTAIN - עגורנים להשכרה
If you are looking to buy a second hand crane, we can make you an offer.

The crane comes with a set of important advantages.
Crane rental, in general, and tower crane rental, in particular, is not a triviality and of all people, you should know just how the crane sector can be complex, complicated, sensitive and even dangerous.  In this case, Comasco's solid backing, being Potain's formal importer and exclusive representative in Israel and Potian's worldwide brand name have a central role in ensuring the product's quality, service and many advantages working to your benefit in the construction site.  
So, with your permission, we will cut to the chase and get straight to it:
✔ The perfect package. As already said, rental of a Potain tower crane is more than just the "metal", but a perfect comprehensive service package, including assembly, dismantling, positioning design, financial planning, spare parts, electricity, maintenance and control systems...  Everything from A to Z.
✔ Potain is Potain.  In other words, the cranes, parts, spare parts...  They are all original.  The assembly, dismantling, planning, service and maintenance teams have all undergone professional training in Potain facilities in France. (by the way, if the impression is that original is expensive, here is another surprise coming to you shortly)
Experts at cranes.  And we don't mean just Potain cranes, but all crane brands in Israel.  Since Comasco personnel are the elite of the crane professionals, we are being approached from all over the country for advise, planning, assembly/ dismantling and maintenance.
A variety of cranes - the wide variety that awaits you here includes: portable tower crane, self-erecting crane, climbing unit tower crane...  In any size and for any required lifting load.  To us, a variety also means adjusting the crane to the requirements of the authority such in the case of the requirement set by the Israeli Air Fields Authority for cranes to be painted red and white (the conventional aviation marking for danger.)
Economic saving - we have promised to refer to the matter of costs and here it is. We will begin by saying that our rental rates are competitive and affordable.  From that, we ill refer to the age of the cranes.  They are young!!!  Renting cranes from us guarantees you will enjoy a new crane that will save on its electricity bill (more powerful engine consuming less power), less downtime to repair problems you are so familiar with in old cranes.  And needless to say, the highest safety level.

And there are many other advantages in each of the following service types:

Spare parts for Potain tower cranes
Comasco holds a huge stock of nothing but original spare parts. This is for two good reasons: firstly, most cranes in Israel are Potain. So, it is evident that a large and available spare part stock is in place.  Secondly, when dealing with cranes, compromises and cutting corners are out of the question.  So, as far as spare parts go, there is not room for anything but original parts.  This is the only way to be sure that we supplied a crane as good as new...
sales staff

Potain crane assembly and dismantling
 Tower crane assembly and dismantling, and especially of climbing cranes is a matter best left for the pros!!!  Or in two words: Comasco Potain.  A brand name combination that offers you a product with quality, the most professional, experienced and qualified assembly and dismantling teams in the market and... The fastest professional service at the highest level money can buy...

Service and maintenance to Potain tower cranes
The world's best crane deserve the most professional service. It is a well known fact that Comasco provides the most professional , fastest and best crane service and maintenance in Israel.  This is manifested when maintenance and service staff of competing companies call us for advice and help.  Field data further establishes the fact that this is the best crane maintenance service to be found...