Industrial Forklift  TLT 25 

Capacity at 2m Reach 1275/1400kg
​ Maximum Lift Capacity 2500kg
​ Maximum Lift Height 4.0m


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The most compact Teletruk in our range is the TLT25 which is a strong and an exceptionally versatile performer. The TLT25 offers a maximum lift capacity of 2500 kg, weighing up to 4400 kg. The 25D can lift 2500 kg at 4 m, and can lift 1400 kg at 2 m reach or the far side of a lorry. The compact design makes it ideal for working in between narrow isles widths.
The JCB Teletruk is powered by either a Perkins 37 kW (50 hp) diesel engine or a GM 43 kW (57 hp) LPG engine. The forward reach is Abile to single side load, it reduces double-handling and keeps operators clear of hazardous environments.
Our unique telescopic boom offers many benefits. With unrivalled visibility due to its none obstructive mast improving site safety. 111 degrees of carriage rotation makes handling of unpalletised goods much easier and safer. As a result, 50% less loading space is required which is welcome in congested yards.
Models available: TLT 25D Heavy Lift, TLT 25D TCR, TLT 25G Heavy Lift, TLT 25G TCR.
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