Spare parts for Potain cranes

רק בקומסקו מלאי ענק של חלפים מקוריים.

Firstly, the source.  Since cranes are not where one should make compromises or cut corners, Commasco, the exclusive and official importer of Potain cranes imports nothing but original parts.
Secondly, the stock.  A crane out of commission is a huge financial liability.  Therefore, Commasco holds a large stock of spare parts, allowing repair within hours.  And in case a part should be ordered abroad, it will be here within 48 hours.

There are other advantages to working with Comasco

Service package.  Whether you are looking to rent a crane or buy one, as part of the service, Comasco offers you the perfect comprehensive service package, including assembly and dismantling of non-Potain cranes, positioning planning, financial planning, spare parts, electricity, crane maintenance, control systems and more...  Everything from A to Z.
Experts at cranes.  With all due modesty, Comasco's crane service and maintenance personnel is the crème de la crème of crane specialists in Israel.  All its service staff is comprised of qualified electricians who have all undergone professional training in Potain facilities in France.  We get proof of the level of expertise from the field - crane installers and maintenance and service personnal of competing companies that have Potain cranes call us for advice or assistance.
A crane for all seasons - Comasco holds a wide variety of cranes: mobile tower crane, link crane, tower crane, climbing cranes... In any size and for any required lifting load.


New cranes - renting cranes from us guarantees you will enjoy a new crane that will save on its power bill (more powerful engine consuming less power), less downtime due to problems you are so familiar with in old cranes. And needless to say, the highest safety level.

In addition to these advantages, Comasco offers you the following services:


Potain tower crane rental
The crane sector and especially, that of crane rental can be complex, complicated, sensitive and even dangerous.  This depends whom you rent the crane from.  In this case, Comasco's solid backing and Potian worldwide brandname have a central role in ensuring the product's quality, service and many advantages working to your benefit in the construction site.  For instance, tower crane rental

Service for Potain cranes
Firstly, Comasco offers you its 24/7-manned call center.  Secondly, another piece of information coming from the sites is that most problems are solved by phone.  And on top of these, Comasco's service teams are comprised of qualified electricians who were trained by Potain in France and the most professional in the crane industry.  Routine maintenance and cranes repair are supplemented by installation of new and advanced systems such as control systems and more...

Tower crane assembly and dismantling
in general and assembly of a tower crane (as well as its dismantling) is a task that requires preliminary planning and considering every influence: safety, access, location, distance from other cranes, anchoring points, span, load, work efficiency, etc. In fact there are two main and highly important preliminary planning channels, both requiring preceding field inspection: position planing and financial planing.

Crane renovation
Crane renovation is more than applying a new coat of paint and replacing a few assemblies. In Comasco we do crane renovation that includes treating the chassis from the ground up, adjusting the crane to new safety standards as well as replacing assemblies, motors, electic systems, etc.  In addition, crane renovation works (for instance, tower crane renewal) also include installation of new and advanced control systems and...
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Only in Commasco will you find a huge stock of original spare parts.

When it comes to Potain crane spare parts, having a stock of spare parts and their origin both hold immense importance and a huge advantage to you.