Rotation limitation systems

לסכנה הכי גבוהה צריך את המערכת הכי בטוחה. 

The safest system is needed to address the greatest danger.
The law requires installation of rotation limiting systems.  But... Since there is so much danger within the radius of the crane's arms - other cranes, power lines and posts, schools and kindergartens, this is where there is no place for compromising.
✔ Installing Top Sight and Top Traicing computerized rotation limiting systems for an automatic prevention of crane arms colliding.
✔ Installation of mechanical or combined rotation limiting systems.
✔ Installation of synchronized computerized systems for concurrent controlling several cranes and prevention of arms colliding.
✔ We take this opportunity to offer you our recommendation to install cameras to optimize the operator's work, gain real-time documentation of events as well as enhance your control, supervision and monitoring of the construction site.

There are other advantages to working with Comasco

The strong foundation - Comasco, the official and exclusive Potain importer, offers you the complete service package for owners/ renters of Potain cranes, including dismantling, assembly, design, positioning, additions, control systems, consulting, financial planning, service, maintenance, and more... All in one professional and responsible address.
Playing safe - Comasco has a wide variety of new cranes for rent.
This is a piece of information that guarantees substantial savings in electricity consumption as well as due to the low probability of work halting problems, you are saved from incurring heavy financial losses.

Original parts - this is as important a detail as is the actual stock of parts.  Comasco is particular on holding a steady stock of spare parts for cranes - nothing but original parts  - allowing repairs to be performed within hours to no more than 48 hours from opening a service call (in case of a need to order a part abroad.)
 Professionals in their trade - Being qualified electricians who were trained by Potain in France and highly experienced in field work, Comasco's service teams are the most professional ones in the crane business.  As we can see, service teams of competing companies with Potain cranes call us for advice or help.

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 The law requires installation of rotation limiting systems, but reality compels to install the safest and most advanced system.   This is where Comasco, as the official and exclusive Potain importer into Israel, comes into the picture with an assortment of control systems:

Installing supervision cameras on Potain cranes
Installation of supervision cameras may not be mandatory by law, but it is still worth the investment!!!  Installation of supervision cameras in various places on the crane and/or construction site significantly enhances the crane operator's capability to make his work more precise, using the display of the cameras and sometimes saves the need for a directing person on the surface and naturally, this allows working night shifts. In addition, you will gain better control over what happens in the construction site... 
Supervision systems for Potain cranes
It is true that the law requires installing a rotation limiting system, but reality requires a lot more than "just" preventing arms from colliding.   Safety and control systems improving the crane oeprator's work, allowing you gain a visual control over the construction site. Comasco offers you the largest assortment of control systems for tower cranes, assembly and dismantling teams and the best crane maintenance service. 

Planning and erecting Potain cranes in construction sites
Design and adjustment of cranes to construction sites is an expertise and not something to do offhandedly, all the more so when this involves climbing cranes.  Many factors, data and influencers take part in the planning and erecting process, just as in the assembly and dismantling stages.  All this is utilized to find the safest location and to optimize the crane's work for the lowest cost possible...  

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