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When it comes to renovating Potain cranes, there are other reasons to choose Comasco

Everything is original - namely, cranes, varied systems, parts...  It is all original.  There is no place for errors, cutting corners and making petty savings that may lead to big problems and damages.  Teams of crane assembly and dismantling, renewal and renovation teams as well as of service and maintenance are all professionally trained in Potain's French plants and highly experienced. 

Experts at cranes. It is a well-known fact in the Israel construction sector: Comasco's personnel are the crème de la crème of crane specialists in Israel.  This is probably the reason colleagues from all over the country call us for help, consultation, planning, dismantling, assembly, maintenance as well as renovation of cranes.

A variety of cranes - we carry out crane renovation on an on-going basis.  This way we can offer you a wide variety of cranes for every need and purpose - all as good as new: portable tower crane, self-erecting crane, climbing unit tower crane...  In any size and for any required lifting load. 

The perfect package.  At the beginning we said that the "metal" is designed to withstand decades of work.  This is subject to the crane being properly serviced throughout its lifespan.  And in this context, Comasco offers you the perfect comprehensive service package, including assembly, dismantling, positioning design, financial planning, spare parts, electricity, routine maintenance, repair service and control systems.  Everything from A to Z.

There are other advantages Comasco brings with it to the construction site:


Assembly and dismantling
Crane renovation work begins with dismantling the crane from the construction site where it is installed and ends in its assembly in the site where the renovated crane is designated to be operating.  Assembly and dismantling is not a matter of merely unscrewing or screwing bolts, nor is it a matter of lowering or elevating crane parts.  We are looking at complex, sometimes complicated work, requiring considering numerous influencing factors such as conveying the crane and its parts, selecting its ideal place, safety, operator's work efficiency, etc, all intended to also reduce costs. 

Crane maintenance
Comasco provides the most professional , fastest and best crane service and maintenance in Israel.  We are not bragging - this is a reality that is reasserted on a daily basis.  So, when we deal with Potain, maintenance and service staff of competing companies call us for advice and help.  And this is not surprising...  Our service and maintenance staff is comprised of qualified electricians who have all undergone professional training in Potain facilities in France... 

Spare parts for Potain crains
9 out of every 10 cranes in Israel are Potain.  In order for those to keep withstanding high workloads, appart for maintaining its professional service and maintenance teams, Comasco also holds a large and immediately available stock of spare parts for cranes.  So, when the need arises, repair of a crane will be carried out in minimal time, usually in a matter of hours, and damages ensuing the crane's downtime are reduced to a minimum. 
Crane renovation is a matter best left for the pros!!!  Keep this in mind!  The "metal", the crane's chassis, is built to do massive work for decades.  Nevertheless, renovating a Potain crane also involves treating the chassis from the ground up and bringing it up to date with the latest standards and safety regulations.  And more...

Apart for the "metal", everything is brand new and renewed.

sales staff
A good crane furbishing work will ensure that you get new assemblies such as the propulsion system, cables, end unit assemblies and as important, embedding new and advanced systems including control systems, movement controllers, rotation limitation systems, cameras and lighting.  The bottom line is that a "veteran" crane enters our workshop and out comes a "juvenile" and fit crane ready to get to work like any new one.