Potain MCT Tower Crane

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Comasco offers you Potain's MCT tower cranes
This crane series features a wide range of characteristics and advantages such as very fast erecting to high levels, astounding work capacity, impressive lifting capability, state-of-the-art control systems, reliable electric engines ensuring superb performance and...  With every MCT tower crane that you choose out of the model assortment, you also get the advantages of Comasco, The official importer of Potain's cranes:
sales staff

✔ In order to save you a great deal of headaches we offer you the perfect package of assembly and dismantling services, positioning design and financial planning for substantial saving of money, state-of-the-art control systems, lighting, counseling and support and more.
✔ The young age of all the cranes offered types for rental results in further reduction of expenditure.
A service call center manned 24/7 ready to provide you immediate help with problems, consultation, guidance, addressing any need.
✔ Being qualified electricians who were trained by Potain in France and highly experienced in field work, Comasco's service teams are the most professional in the crane business and in particular when it comes to Potain cranes.
✔ An immediately available vast stock of original spare parts enabling a swift repair and return to active work within a matter of a few hours in most cases.