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Comasco offers you the widest and most diverse assortment of Potain cranes - the world's leading cranes!

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Potain Range

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When you glance at the catalogue page before you, it all looks pretty simple: tower cranes and self-erecting cranes. But behind these two categories are more than 40 crane models. This is how we can find a crane that would precisely match your needs.  Yes, before we move on to find the suitable crane, it is important to bear in mind that Potain cranes do not come as-is.  When you say Potain, you also say Comasco.  This has a tremendous significance to you:

Potain Range
✔ Our designing teams will plan for you the crane's positioning so you would be able to benefit from maximal utilization of the crane's performance and perform a comprehensive financial plan to cut down in costs.
✔ Our assembly and dismantling teams will do the work for you with top safety, quality and professional manner without cutting corners or you being required to bear unexpected costs.
✔ Comasco offers you an assortment of the most advanced computerized control systems, rotation limiting systems, cameras as well as consultation and guidance how and what to choose. 
✔ Our maintenance and service teams, all qualified electricians that were trained in Potain's plants are ready to helps you any time in routine maintenance as well as to repair problems (that in most cases are resolved within several hours)
✔ Comasco has an original spare part inventory large enough to address any need immediately and a 24/7 manned service call center.  So, you will have someone to take care of you at all times.
The bottom line is that all the advantages we have specified so far, and there are more, lead to a substantial financial savings and when you do the math of economic affordability, the result is clearly Comasco. 
Comasco also offers its customers crane rental services or sale of second-hand cranes