Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize the name JCB?
Everyone in this market in Israel market knows that JCB has a:
Here are a few of them:
Fuel and Go – this is how reliable equipment able to work   round-the-clock was once defined. This is one of the many.         
attributes of all JCB equipment   

So many tasks with one tool – a loader with a 1.5m3 bucket, and supplementary equipment such as an air hammer, a drill and so much more – this is simply a multi-purpose tool.  
Retains its value over time – JCB is a top selling brand name both for new and used equipment. Yet another parameter              
to support your decision to purchase JCB – it is reliable and retains its value for years.  
Wide selection – Backhoe loaders, caterpillar track type loaders, wheel loaders, earthmovers, wheeled loading shovel,    
telescopic loaders, field forklifts, mini loaders, telescopic forklifts, groundhogs, compactors, fast-tracks …. Have we            
forgotten anything?
Camasco's extensive support system – We are here at your service, to assist, instruct, guide and offer advice as well       
as  to stand behind the equipment we sell.          
Choose from over 123 models of quality tools providing solutions for excavation, transportation, compression, storage,  
earthmoving, construction, agricultural, and industrial work.       
Reliable, flexible, multitasking work equipment for all types of contractors, from a small supplier to large market leading            
companies – all accurately tailored to your requirements, tasks, budget and work sites.  

This is our mission, to offer advice as well as to assist and provide you with the most appropriate solutions.              
65% market share of all excavators
65% market share of all telescopic equipment
90% market share of all loaders up to 150 HP with a 1.5m3 bucket

* Correct data for 2014
sales staff


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The above data clearly illustrates quite objectively that anyone involved in construction, municipal services, earthmoving, removal, industrial and agriculture work clearly prefers JCB. Nine out of every ten loaders up to 150 HP (1.5m3) is a JCB; there can be no doubt that no other loader offers as many advantages.
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