Crane assembly and dismantling is not like playing with Lego blosks; this is a matter of safety, human lives and responsibility.

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Crane assembly and dismantling is a matter best left for the pros!!!  Or in two words: Comasco Potain.
Potain crane brand offers you a product with quality, while Comasco, the official and exclusive Potain cranes importer, provides you with the most professional, experienced and qualified assembly and dismantling teams in the market. 

Figures show that Potain is preferred by the majority of the marketplace and even those that acquired cranes elsewhere approach Comasco to assemble their cranes and dismantle them. This for very good reasons:
Planning before execution.
Assembly and dismantling of cranes is a task that requires preliminary planning, taking into account numerous factors: safety, access, location, distance from other cranes, anchoring points, span, load, work efficiency, etc.  In fact, there are two main and highly important preliminary planning channels, both requiring preceding field inspection: 


There are other advantages to working with Comasco

Potain tower crane rental
What do you find important to know in order to decide with which company to rent cranes from: Price?  The variety of cranes the company has and their suitability to your needs?  How new is the crane you are offered to rent?  How professional are the assembly and dismantling teams?  Does it have available spare parts and how is its crane maintenance service?  Well, for each of the questions asked here, it is recommended to...

Position planing - Which is the best place to position the crane within the construction site to offer maximal construction productivity and efficiency, while making sure that preliminary assembly, current jacking and concluding dismantling are done in the lowest cost possible?
Financial planing - Weighting the financial trade-off of the fastest and cheapest erecting method, calculating all that may be required in keeping cost of parts, work and logistics as low as possible.  This also saves you from encountering dear surprises such as extremely low quotes for crane assembly and dismantling only tobe "supplemented" later by demands to cover costs for works and stages that were not included in the quote to begin with.
sales staff
This is where pros operate.
Whether we are looking into assembly of a tower crane, servicing climbing cranes or assembling or dismantling cranes, experience, expertise, thoroughness and speed of execution have a major role.  We do not accept the combination of "sloppy" and "work", we do not "cut corners" and most certainly do not put our trust in luck.  All our assembly, dismantling and service teams are the finest experts on cranes in Israel.  The entire service staff is comprised of qualified electricians who have all undergone professional training in Potain facilities in France.  It is no wonder we get approached for consultation, assistance and, quite often, for "rescue operations" by those that did not buy or rent cranes from us.

Crane refurbishing and renovation
Cranes are built to do massive work for decades.  However, as time goes by, systems wear out, engines lose their power, safety standards change and new systems are being brought in.  The term crane renovation is a bit misleading.  It is actually rejuvenation of cranes that includes a considerable treatment of the crane's chassis, renewal of the propulsion systems, electricity, cables as well as adjustments to accommodate new standards, adding control systems, etc.  When the crane is done, it is hard to tell it apart from a brand new one.

Spare parts for Potain crains
A stock of spare crane parts and their origin both hold immense importance and a huge advantage to you.  In order to provide you with spare parts of the best quality, Comasco, the exclusive and official importer of Potain cranes, imports nothing but original parts.  Naturally, since most cranes in Israel are Potain, Comasco holds a large and available stock of spare parts, allowing repair within hours in most cases...

Install Potain crane control systems
Comasco offers you the largest assortment of state-of-the-art control systems for tower cranes.  The control systems will be installed as part of the crane assembly and dismantling tasks done by the most experienced and professional teams.  This is all done to ensure the highest level of safety of the crane's work on site.  Like crane maintenance service, the control system installation service will be provided to Potain tower cranes by Comasco...