Control systems for Potain tower cranes.
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Comasco offers you the largest assortment of state-of-the-art control systems for tower cranes.  The control systems will be installed by the most experienced and professional assembly and dismantling teams.  
This is all done to ensure the highest level of safety of the crane's work on site.  The control system installation service will be provided to Potain tower cranes by Comasco.  

There are other advantages to working with Comasco

When you say Potain, you also say Comasco - Potain, the world's best cranes, are supplemented by Comasco, the official and exclusive Potain brand importer, with the complete service package that includes dismantling, assembly, design, positioning, additions, control systems, consulting, financial planning, service, maintenance, and more... All in one professional and responsible address.
Thought before action or in other words, positioning planing carried out by the top crane specialists.  Positioning Planning takes into account all the influencing factors - the terrain, requirements of the local authority, regulations of the Ministry of Labor and the outcome, as far as you are concerned, is improved effectiveness in crane work, on the one hand and being spared mishaps, expenses and loss of working days later, on the other hand.
A crane should be working continuously - thus the particularity on offering for rental of modern cranes that consume less power (economic optimization) and are much less prone to malfunctions.  And yet, in order for us to provide you with the fastest top quality professional service, either as routine maintenance and check-ups or when problems occur, Comasco's service teams are at your beck and call. 

  All these top professionals in the crane business and in particular when it comes to Potain cranes, are qualified electricians who were trained by Potain in France.  To complement the service, Comasco use only original Potain parts and holds a steady stock of spare parts for cranes, allowing repairs to be performed within a few to no more than 48 hours from opening a service call (in case of a need to order a part abroad.)

Installing Supervision cameras on Potain cranes
Supervision cameras installation is an important measure to supervise the crane operator, the occurrences within the operator's booth and the activity in the construction site.  In addition, a combination of installing a camera on a tower crane with floodlights enables work around the clock and meeting tight deadlines.  There are other important advantages in installing Supervision cameras on tower cranes... 

Rotation limitation systems for Potain tower crane
Crane service, maintenance, assembly and dismantling with all the many dangers within the radius of the crane's arms such as other cranes, power lines and posts, schools and kindergartens, led the legislator to require installation of a rotation limiting system.  But this is not enough.  This system does prevent collision of crane arms, but in order to be on the safe side, it would be recommended to install a state-of-the-art control systems that has rotation limitation and...

Service and maintenance to Potain cranes
It is a well known fact to anyone in the construction sector in general and who deals with cranes, in particular that Comasco provides the most professional, fastest and best crane service and maintenance in Israel.  That is easy to say.  In our case, it is also easy to prove: maintenance and service staff of competing companies that have Potain cranes call us for advice and help.  The quality and level of the service and maintenance is complemented by the hugh inventory and availability of crane spare parts.
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Your choices are:
  • Installing Top Sight and Top Traicing computerized rotation limiting systems for an automatic preventing crane arms from colliding.
  • Installation of mechanical or combined rotation limiting systems.
  • Computerized systems that "talk" among themselves and can concurrently control all the cranes in the construction site, preventing arms colliding when this refers to different construction sites.
  • We take this opportunity to give you our recommendation to install cameras to gain real-time documentation of events as well as enhance your control, supervision and monitoring of the construction site. 

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