Maximum Engine Power 74hp
​Operating Weight 5820kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.2m3

Maximum Engine Power 64hp
Operating Weight 4934kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.0m3

Agricultural Wheel Loaders

יעה אופני לחקלאות (שופל) 403
Maximum Engine Power 37hp
Operating Weight 1990kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.3m3
Maximum Engine Power 125hp
Maximum Lift Capacity 3,200kg
Maximum Lift Height 5.2m
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יעה אופני (שופל) 406
Maximum Engine Power 49hp
Operating Weight 4,934kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.8m3
יעה אופני (שופל) 411
Maximum Engine Power 96hp
Operating Weight 8,722kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.4m3
יעה אופני (שופל) 417
Maximum Engine Power 125hp
Operating Weight 9,602kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.6m3
יעה אופני (שופל) 437
Maximum Engine Power 182hp
Operating Weight 15,313kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 2.7m3
יעה אופני (שופל) 457
Maximum Engine Power 259hp
Operating Weight 19,812kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 3.5m3
יעה אופני (שופל) 413
Maximum Engine Power 125hp
Operating Weight 8,547kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.4m3
יעה אופני (שופל) 427
Maximum Engine Power 178hp
Operating Weight 13,063kg
Standard Bucket Capacity 2.4m3
Our agricultural wheel loader range is designed to meet buyers’ priorities. Namely safety, efficiency, ease of use, ease of maintenance, productivity, performance, reliability and comfort.
As a result, each loading shovel we make, from compact hydrostatic drive 2-tonne models, to giant 24-tonne powershift machines, all share the same DNA.
Each of our wheel loaders is designed to be productive above all else, with supreme reliability, low maintenance requirements and great versatility are built in.
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