Supervision cameras

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To improve the crane operator's work and for control over activity in the construction site.

Installation of supervision cameras in various places on the crane and/or construction site significantly enhances the crane operator's capability to make his work more precise, using the display of the cameras and sometimes saves the need for a directing person on the ground.  In addition, you will gain better control over what happens in the construction site.  And more...  Installing a camera on a tower crane with floodlights enables work around the clock and meeting tight deadlines or catching up on lagged work due to imposed breaks.  There are other important advantages in installing supervision cameras on tower cranes:

Comasco and Potain - winning team

The quality - Potain, the service - Comasco -  The official and exclusive Potain importer, offers you the complete package - dismantling, assembly, design, positioning, additions, control systems, consulting, financial planning, service, maintenance, and more...  All in one professional and responsible address.

New cranes - Comasco has a wide variety of new cranes for rent.  This is a piece of information that guarantees a substantial savings in electricity consumption as well as due to the low probability of work terminating problems leading to heavy financial losses.
Only professionals allowed - in order for us to provide you with the fastest professional service of best quality, either routine maintenance and check-ups or when problems occur, Comasco's service teams are at your beck and call.  Being qualified electricians who were trained by Potain in France, Comasco's service teams are the most professional in the crane business and in particular when it comes to Potain cranes.

Only original parts - Comasco is particular on holding a steady stock of spare parts for cranes, allowing repairs to be performs within hours to no more than 48 hours from opening a service call (in case of a need to order a part abroad.)

Installing control systems to Potain cranes
Comasco offers you the largest assortment of control systems for tower cranes.  The control systems will be installed by the most experienced and professional assembly and dismantling teams.  This is al done to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency of the crane's work on site.  The control system installation service for tower cranes is provided with the same professional level of quality service also to Potain cranes that were not bought or rented from Comasco.

Potain rotation limitation systems
There are many dangers within the radius of the crane's arms - other cranes, power lines and posts, schools and kindergartens.  It is true that the law requires installation of rotation limiting systems, but reality compels us to install the safest and most advanced systems.  This is where Comasco, as the official and exclusive Potain importer into Israel, comes into the picture with an assortment of control systems, offering you...

Potain tower crane assembly and dismantling
Crane assembly and dismantling is not a child's game.  Here, every decision and action at any stage of the process may have very severe consequences in matters of safety and human lives as well as in financial costs.  This is not a place to cut corners - it is a job for experienced and qualified professionals.  This is where Comasco steps in and passes the reigns to its crane assembly and dismantling teams 
sales staff
Optimization of work and control - the display of the cameras on the screens in the crane operator's booth enhances the crane operator's capability to make his work more precise.  Supervision cameras also allow the operator see blind spots from where he is seated.  In addition, a camera on a tower crane offers the responsible party on site full and total control over the construction site.
Insurance events - this is one of the most prevalent incidents in the construction industry in general and in the crane sector in particular.  Cameras that record the construction site on-line 24/7 can help you in insurance claims where you are are demanded to bear the responsibility that should be placed on someone else's shoulders and vice versa: you can find whomever caused you damage and sue his insurance company.
Work in shifts - Supervision cameras combined with floodlights on the crane allows you to carry out construction during a night shift and significantly enhance the work pace and uphold preset deadlines.

Additional advantages