When you choose Comasco-Potain, you choose a wide assortment of advantages working to your advantage! Comasco is the official importer of Potain, the world's leading manufacturer of tower and self-erecting cranes.
This is a well known fact to anyone in the construction business.  However, the advantages Potain cranes and Comasco bring to the construction site are more than just holding the title "world's best crane."  Here are some of the most prominent:
In order to receive a quote, so we can assist and advise you in choosing the most suitable model for you, all you have to do is call us at 09-7499300 or fill the form and we will get back to you
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Comasco also offers its customers crane rental services or sale of second-hand cranes

Comasco-Potain offers the largest variety of tower and self-erecting cranes of the best quality

Potain Range

Cabine Ultraview

A crane for all seasons
You have a choice of over 40 crane models offering you a perfect solution to the special needs and characteristics of every construction project of any size and scope:
Residential building, saturated constructed areas, building high-rising structures, in an area with a multitude of cranes, for swift and easy installation in dense urban areas, for narrow towers with reduced binding, for industrialized construction...  In fact, every project has its Potain: climbing (self-erecting) cranes, tower cranes, large MD-Topkit models, MD models with raising arms, MC and MR models, self-erecting cranes, etc.

State-of-the-art cranes
Potain cranes and specifically adjusted for demonstrating an impressive work output, outstanding with:
The most advanced control systems, quick erecting and dismantling processes, efficiency, impressive lifting capacity and performance and unbeaten reliability, combined with Comasco's unequaled service.  The bottom line is that all these advantages also lead to a significant savings with productivity and minimal downtime resulting from low levels of maintenance due to the crane's reliability. 
Tower cranes with a soaring lifting capacity
Potain doesn't know the phrases "too heavy" or "arm too short" - every task has a perfect solution thanks to the wide variety of crane models:
Tip load: 0.6 to 26 tons
Maximum load: 1.8 to 80 tons
Radius: 22 to 85 meters
Free standing height: 21 to 140 neters.
To complete this picture, we also have climbing cranes that lift themselves upward as the building rises, allowing carrying out finishing work in lower floors while the top ones are being built.
Crane is more that metal
Here, at Comasco, the official importer of Potain cranes for over four decades, when you buy or rent a crane, you get more than just metal.
Not at all. We are here to serve, help, guide, direct, advise, be responsible and stand behind the machinery we market.  This begins with the position and financial planning we perform to help you gain maximal productivity out of the crane's performance for the the most affordable cost.  Next, you benefit from our professional assembly and dismantling teams, skilled routine maintenance staff and a service department at your service 24/7 - manned by our technicians who underwent training at Potain's French facilities and the original spare part department ready to provide you with any part within hours to a maximal time of two days (in the event of ordering parts from abroad.)
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