Crane design and adjustment to construction sites is a matter best left to the pros!!!

Designing and adjustment of cranes to construction sites has significant meaning and a direct and immediate influence on the occurrence in constructions sites and... costs:

Safety - this comes first and foremost.  Flawed design may lead to loss of human lives and cause dire financial damages.

Crane rental
For most, the main part of renting cranes in the cost.  What about adjusting the crane to a certain need...  How new is the crane you are offered to rent?  How professional are the assembly and dismantling teams?  Does the party with which you have agreed upon the rental of tower cranes or any other crane hold available original spare parts?  Renting Potain tower cranes guarantees you a "perfect package" that includes:

There are other advantages to working with Comasco

Climbing cranes
When we talk about building upward and in modern construction methods in which adding floors is done in much shorter intervals than in the past, climbing cranes and Potain climbing cranes, in particular, provide the perfect answer: the crane climbs upward and allows to continue doing the finishing work in the lower floors, and since there is no need to add more and more units, time is saved and accumulative costs are curbed.

In Comasco, in-depth planning precedes a professional, swift and economic execution.

9 out of every 10 cranes in Israel are Potain and this is not just because of the crane's world renowned quality, but also thanks to contractors and construction companies' knowledge and good experience with Comasco's expertise.  This expertise is first and foremost manifested in the preliminary stage of designing and adjusting Potian's cranes to construction sites.
Visiting the sites - There is no way we will submit you with a price quote without first actually visiting the site (construction site.)  We are not afraid to get our shoes muddy or our pants stained with cement.  The important thing is to visit the site and understand the possibilities and limits.
Adjustment planning - this is a stage intended to choose the most suitable crane to your tasks, the best, shortest, most efficient and cheapest way to carry out dismantling and assembly as well as raising and choosing the location that will lead to optimization of the crane's work.
Financial planing - weighting the financial costs, relying on the calculation of all that may be required in keeping cost of parts, work and logistics as low as possible.  Going into the finest details will save you from "dear surprises." 
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Costs - Advanced planning taking into account all the data and influencing elements would lead to immense savings on money that otherwise would be spent on assembly and dismantling, logistics, maintenance, etc.
Efficiency - choosing a crane type, adjusting it to its purpose, selecting its location, installing control systems on Potain crane (and other brands too)...  All these and other factors have a direct effct on work's efficiency.
Regulations - Designing and adjustment of cranes, especially climbing cranes, to construction sites should take into account also the laws, regulations and requirements of authorities, including local authorities and municipal by-laws.  There is not a single contractor who would be willing to have his work halted due to a crane that was assembled disregarding these regulations.
You are probably familiar with such "surprises."  For instance, calculation of costs that surprisingly were "left out" of your original price quote and that now you should cover now when reaching the middle of the assembly or dismantling.  And in such a case, the bottom line would reflect a cost that is much higher than the original and "especially cheap" quote.
Crane mainetnance service
The crane maintenance service is intended to allow you to get the best out of the crane.  Or in simpler words, as few downtime hours and as much continued work as possible.  This is where Comasco's service teams enter the picture, offering Potain cranes with maintenance in the highest professional level, backed by a warehouse of original spare parts, enabling repairs and maintenance within hours from receiving the service call...