Fastrac 8280 

​ Maximum Engine Power 208kW
​ Maximum Travel Speed 70kph
​ Torque 1195Nm


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The JCB Fastrac 8280 is a perfect balance of high power, remarkable efficiency, ultimate versatility and industry-leading safety and comfort. That means it really can help you achieve incredible productivity and increase profitability. The JCB Fastrac is the world’s only draft tractor with all-round suspension. This gives reduced compaction, increased traction with no power hop, greater GPS accuracy and improved operator comfort. It also allows road speeds of up to 70 kph, with ABS truck brakes for safe stopping.
 JCB Fastrac 8280 power and torque is formidable: 2256hp (191kW) and 1195 Nm respectively, for top productivity. Because the 8.4 litre unit generates all of this at low revs, fuel efficiency is excellent and noise levels are among the lowest on the market. The state-of-the-art V-TRONIC continuously variable transmission allows you to fine tune engine speed for optimum performance or fuel economy. To cap it all, the JCB Fastrac 8280 has the finest cab in the industry. It’s spacious, quiet, comfortable and packed with technology to aid productivity.
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